It has taken long for new pitcher Matt Garza to make an impact in the Brewers' clubhouse this spring.

"He's not a guy that comes into a new organization and just sits quietly and watches," said manager Ron Roenicke. "His personality -- he's just all over the place.

"He's vocal; he's laughing. What I like about it is he really works hard. I think that's a great combination to have. You have fun when you need to but when you need to bear down he can bear down. He really prepares well. On game day, you won't see him like that (goofing around).

"I think it's good to have personalities on a team. It's good to have characters on a team. And he's a guy I think will fit in and really help us with his personality."

Roenicke said it will be beneficial to have veteran right-hander Kyle Lohse in camp all spring as well. Last year, Lohse didn't sign until there was a week left in camp and it wasn't until the season was going that he was able to assert his leadership.

"Kyle, last year, missing spring training, just kind of walking in right at the beginning (of the season), wasn't quite sure of things," said Roenicke. "We talked this winter and he would like to be a little more vocal. And I would like him to be vocal, so I think it will work out well."

Asked if it were difficult for starting pitchers to be leaders because they play only every five days, Roenicke said, "I don't think they can go to the regulars and maybe bark on somebody as much but a starting pitcher can be a leader. (Lohse) is going to be more vocal this year.

"They can be (leaders). There's just certain things they have to kind of temper a little bit."