Patrick Roy hasn't played an NHL game in more than a decade, but he got on the scoresheet Thursday night in Winnipeg.

Well, sort of.

His two-minute penalty for barking at the referees might have been the difference in a 4-3 shootout victory by the Avalanche in front of 15,003 Jets fans at the MTS Centre.

With his team down 2-0 less than six minutes into the first period, the rookie head coach expressed his feelings about the state of the officiating — the Avs had been short-handed twice in less than four minutes — just a little too loudly.

(Technically, the Avs were handed an unsportsmanlike penalty for "abusive language.")

The penalty seemed to spark his team, which killed off the disadvantage, netted the next three goals and then outscored the Jets (14-14-5) 2-0 in the shootout for a much-needed road win.

Roy wasn't about to repeat what he said to the referees, but he wanted to make sure they knew he wasn't pleased with their work.

"These things need to remain private," he said in the postgame scrum. "I didn't agree with the (previous) calls. I had to stop (yelling), and I did not. The call (on me) was the correct call."

The outpouring of emotion from the coach may well have been the turning point, but Roy wasn't looking for any slaps on the back.

"You can do whatever you want as a coach, but the credit goes to the players. They're the ones who stayed calm; they're the ones who accepted our comments as coaches and kept playing as a team. That's what you have to do," he said.

"It's hard to do that at times, but tonight, that made the difference. We never lost our focus. We never (thought) the game was over. It was the opposite. We made sure we kept battling."