The NHL’s Department of Player Safety has some explaining to do.

On Saturday, Columbus Blue Jackets forward Matt Calvert was given just a one-game suspension for viciously breaking his stick over the back/neck of Pittsburgh Penguins forward Tom Kuhnhackl late in Friday night’s 4-1 loss.

Calvert was given a two-minute penalty for the incident, largely inconsequential considering how little time was left in the game.

For such a brutal, blatant attempt to injure, fans and writers alike were confused with such a short suspension.

No matter how you look at the play, Calvert’s thuggery should have warranted a much stiffer penalty.

First of all, Calvert didn’t attempt to make a hockey play. He retaliated on Kuhnhackl with 35 seconds left in the second game of the team’s playoffs series when the match was clearly out of reach. It’s horseshit. He got upset, smashed his stick over his opponent and ran Kuhnackl again when he was grimacing in pain.