Mike Matheny, addressing his full squad for the first time Friday, made sure to use the word “legacy” in his remarks and then drew upon two Cardinals greats of the past, one the greatest Cardinal of them all.

After some of Matheny’s speech had been revealed by a few of his players, the manager said that, indeed, he had summoned the memory of the late Stan Musial and also the competitive spirit and the ability to overcome adversity of righthander Chris Carpenter, a longtime postseason hero who probably won’t pitch this season because of physical issues.

“Stan was an obvious,” said Matheny after Friday’s rain-adjusted workout had ended.

“If I want to try to figure who we want to emulate, that’s a pretty good place to start,” Matheny said, acknowledging that was a considerable understatement.

“There were some things that were said about him and some things we knew about him that needed to be mentioned,” Matheny said. “He needed to be honored in this clubhouse like he was back in St. Louis.

“As far as Carp goes, same thing, but on a more personal level for these guys,” aid Matheny. “I wanted to make sure (to convey) that a big part of this team is tradition and history. I brought up the word ‘legacy’ because that’s stuff that lives beyond us.

“Everybody has the opportunity to continue doing that. Not just an opportunity, but a responsibility to do that.”