Tonight the Portland Trail Blazers get to wash away the taste of Friday's "loss" to the Los Angeles Lakers, facing the once-mighty Boston Celtics at home in a 6:00 Pacific game televised on KGW TV locally.

At 29-26, Boston owns the 7th best record in the East. They've gone through an interesting progression since Christmas. They lost 4 straight between Christmas and New Year's, then won 6 in a row. Then they lost 6 in succession followed by a 7-game winning streak. That's a heck of a way to stay just above .500. Drama city.

In the last two weeks the Celtics have gone cold turkey on their streak addiction, posting a 2-3 record. Which version of the team will turn up tonight? Who knows?

Boston's offensive production reflects their compulsive nature. They're either scoring in the low-90's or putting up 100 and a bunch. They're capable of winning either way but they're more successful on the 100 and a bunch nights. They're an odd duck on the offensive end, though. They don't score in the paint much. They're not good shooting the three. They like to fast break if possible, shoot from mid-range otherwise. That proclivity goes a long way towards explaining the feast-or-famine point production. It also explains why they're among the least efficient offenses in the league even when their shooting percentage is respectable.