Masahiro Tanaka isn’t close to rejoining Michael Pineda in the rotation, but the Yankees’ ace continues to make progress in his throwing program as he tries to rehab the partially torn ligament in his right elbow.

Tanaka made 50 throws at 90 feet on Monday, reporting no problems. He will extend that distance to 120 feet on Tuesday.

“So far so good,” Joe Girardi said. “He’s not throwing pitches, but he’s at 90 feet and he let it go a little bit today.”

Girardi said the next step after 120 feet will be for Tanaka to throw pitches on flat ground, then eventually move to a mound. There is no date for that, though the Yankees have said they don't expect him to be ready before September.

“You want to see his stuff, obviously,” Girardi said. “Pain-free is the big thing because if he’s pain-free I feel that the stuff will come.”