Conference realignment is officially closed for business -- for now.

The fight over Maryland's $52 million exit fee after leaving the ACC for the Big Ten in 2012 was the last piece of business from the four-year wave of major-conference expansion, but the ACC on Friday announced a resolution that allows the league to keep about 60 percent of the fee.

That's $31,361,788, which had been withheld by the league while resolving lawsuits filed in North Carolina and Maryland.

Maryland gets to walk away without paying about 40 percent of the money. That's quite the discount.

Seems nobody got hosed here, but if picking a winner, go with the Terps because the Big Ten Network is an ATM. They won't be crying over $31 million.

The ACC didn't recoup $21 million, but it did get to save face and can wave goodbye to an ugly breakup. Maryland wasn't going to get off without paying something. Receiving a fee in excess of $31 million is still a lot.