Before Marvin Lewis can attempt to get the Bengals to the playoffs three straight times for the first time in franchise history, he has to navigate some perceptions about how his team has approached the offseason.

There are some who have supported the team’s strategy of trying to re-sign its core players and then there are others who wish they were more aggressive.

Lewis tried once again to counter perception and reality during Tuesday’s AFC Coaches Breakfast at the NFL Annual Meetings.

When asked if just getting to the postseason is good enough, Lewis responded: “We’re not satisfied at all. There was a perception they never got to the playoffs now there is the perception we are satisfied with it. Someone is putting words in people’s mouths again.”

Going into his 11th season as head coach, Lewis has led the Bengals to four postseason appearances but lost in the AFC Wild Card round each time. At 164 games, he will surpass Jim Mora Sr. this season for most games coached with one team without a playoff win. Mora coached 171 games with the Saints and 237 overall.

For a franchise with the eighth-longest postseason win drought in league history at 23 years, status quo is something that many have a hard time accepting. The Bengals are one of five teams that has not signed a free agent from another team.

“We are better served to continue with our guys and are not sitting there with a particular huge void. Go forward with our players and keep getting them better as much as we can,” Lewis said.

The one deal that has everything at a standstill is an extension for offensive tackle Andre Smith. Both sides continue to talk as Smith’s agent, Ben Dogra, is at the Arizona Biltmore.

Lewis didn’t have anything new on Smith, only to say that “when it happens, it will happen. If it doesn’t we will move on and find a new guy. I think Andre would have liked to have had this done by now most importantly.”

As for cornerbacks Adam Jones and Terence Newman, Lewis said that “we’re in good shape, hopefully they get done quickly. Just anxious to get finished.”