What the Rangers did over the winter qualified as the baseball equivalent of a high-wire walk. On a windy day.

Get younger? Sure that’s easy enough.

Get better too? Yeah have a nice day.

Well consider those ever-so-sensitive scales balanced. In Sunday’s 6-1 win over Houston that ran the Rangers’ winning streak to seven games — and their hot streak to 12 wins in the last 13 — that equilibrium shone like never before. The win kept the Rangers one game ahead of Oakland in the AL West.

Martin Perez all of 22 became the youngest Ranger to pitch a complete game in more than 20 years. Jurickson Profar 20 who is old enough to call Perez “sir” had the best defensive play of the game and a game-breaking hit. And it’s not like it’s a one-game development. Both have been impressive as their roles have expanded.

“We’re fortunate that we could give them the opportunities we have” manager Ron Washington said. “They have gotten better with each day.”