When the NHL trade deadline passed, it assured that Martin Brodeur, who will start Saturday night’s home game against the Carolina Hurricanes, will remain with the Devils for the rest of this season.

But what about next season? Brodeur said he wants to play, but he wants to be in a situation in which he feels comfortable. And that does not necessarily mean being a No. 1.

“No, just to play more and have the chance to win the Stanley Cup. Be in the playoffs,” Brodeur said Friday. “Those were some of the requirements I had, not just being outside looking in. I didn’t want to come back to a situation like this.”

Whether the Devils would want Brodeur back for another season remains to be seen, based on what happens this spring. But did the trade deadline and the fact that there were limited places he could have gone, change his thoughts about market for this summer?

“Not at all, because I was so specific about what I wanted. I didn’t want to leave and go into a situation that could've been worse than here,” Brodeur explained. “When the time comes, if it does, it will be a different situation. I don’t think the market has changed for what I could bring to somebody, or here. I’ll see.”

His decision will not be made alone, as many were in past years.

“I asked for a lot of advice. At my age I don’t do much by myself now because I’m affecting everybody around me,” Brodeur noted. “I asked a lot of advice, compared to when I was younger and I said, ‘I want to be a Devil.’ I didn’t want to listen to anybody who thought I could get more money. I thought, ‘I don’t care, this is what I want to do.’ Now it’s different. I listen to people more.”

What did his teammates think when he wasn’t traded?

“They’re mad,” Brodeur said. “They cant get their signed sticks yet. Guys were eyeing up my blockers, too.”

How much will Brodeur pay down the stretch?

He is playing the second half of this set of back-to-back games. Will that be the way the Devils use him the rest of the way?

"He could play more than that. He could play less than that," coach Pete DeBoer said. "I don't have a plan. We're taking it game to game basically. He's played well coming out of the (Olympic) break, as as Cory (Schneider).