As the Monday edition of PFT Live gets rolling, we want your opinion on something.

If your team needed a veteran running back, which one would you want — Marshawn Lynch or Adrian Peterson?

The Raiders have locked on to Lynch at a time when Peterson is available. Peter King of points out that Lynch can operate comfortably out of the shotgun, whereas Peterson can’t.

But Lynch hasn’t played in more than a full year, and he’ll soon be 31. Peterson turns 32 on Tuesday, and he has had a couple of serious knee injuries in the past several years.

Then there’s the question of whether Lynch will get along with the coaching staff and the front office in Oakland. While the Seahawks do a good job of keeping their dirty laundry under wraps, there’s been a vague, nagging sense that Lynch was more than a handful for management. Peterson doesn’t bring those questions with him, which could make him easier for the coaching staff to deal with.