Left-handed reliever Sean Marshall has started on the road to recovery following season-ending surgery to clean out his left shoulder.

As part of the procedure he underwent on June 24, doctors extracted stem cells from his tailbone and injected them into the shoulder to facilitate the healing process.

"It was something different," Marshall said of the procedure. "It was a fairly uncomfortable process, but it was part of the necessary steps to draw the stem cells out. They did the platelet-rich plasma and drew that out of my blood, spun it, did whatever they do with the machines and they said it went great."

Marshall said he was sore for the first couple of days following the surgery, but that is to be expected and the soreness is mostly gone now. He is wearing a sling over his left shoulder and arm that will come off in about four weeks. At that time he will begin to gradually build shoulder and arm strength up until he begins throwing in the offseason, with a target of returning next season.