Pick a picture, or one will pick you. The calendar falls open to the month of June, and there are five pictures there, and there it is. The one that picks you. Upper left corner, a beautiful little girl named Kelly. You can look at Kelly and see she has Down syndrome, but you can't see that she is a leukemia survivor. She has been through a lot, this little girl, but here she's holding a basketball and smiling at the man she calls "my coach." Also she calls him "Coach Buzz."

The basketball world, we call him Buzz Williams. We know him as the coach at Marquette, a quirky, perky little man with 5 o'clock shadow for hair, though he didn't get his name from his buzz cut. He got his name for the way he used to hang around the basketball program at Navarro College, this funny little freshman named Brent Williams who was always buzzing around the place until Navarro coach Lewis Orr gave him the verb for a nickname: Buzz.

Maybe you know a little about Buzz Williams. Lord knows I thought I did. Spent the East Regional last March with the man, watched him coach against Davidson and Butler, observed him in press conferences and even around town when I ran into him and his family on the streets of Lexington, Ky., and was so impressed with the husband and father behind the Big East basketball coach.

But until you pick a picture, until a picture picks you, you don't know Buzz Williams. You might know he dances on the court after big wins and his voice sounds like 3:30 in the morning at all times, but you don't know him until you let the calendar fall open to June 2014 and see the picture of Kelly staring at Buzz and Buzz staring at Kelly, and then you call Kelly's house and speak to her mom and ask how it came to be and then you just want to hug everybody in the story.