Pardon Marqise Lee if he might have been a little frustrated last week at Jacksonville Jaguars OTAs when he jammed his wrist.

See, getting hurt has been a recurring theme for Lee, who watched his draft stock slide from a top-10 cinch following his incredible 2012 season at USC (after which he was ineligible to apply for the draft) to following a frustrating 2013 season plagued by various ailments and sub-par quarterback play in which Lee's receiving yards fell off by nearly 1,000 yards.

Lee fell all the way to the 39th pick of the Jaguars, in Round 2. But he sees it as a perfect landing spot — and he's ready to proclaim himself healthy and rearing to go.

"I am 100 percent now, and it feels good," Lee told Shutdown Corner Friday night. "The wrist is fine. It hurt a little at first, but it was just one of those things. I can move it fine, and I am ready to go."

Lee admitted that it was tough to battle through knee, shin and shoulder injuries, which clearly hindered him in his final colege season, but it was part of the process he had to endure to get to where he is now. The left knee particularly appeared to concern NFL teams, as a few were concerned that it might become a chronic problem, which likely led to his being the sixth wide receiver drafted in the slide to the second round.

"Most of it, I couldn't control," Lee said. "I got hurt once blocking; it was just a fluky thing. Most of them were just things that I couldn't control. I was annoyed, but I did what I could when I was hurt — mental reps, watching teammates, encouraging them, learning from them. Little things.

"If you're competitive like I am, you prepare and you just get yourself ready for the next time up. That next time for me is now. I still got things done [when I was hurt], and I hope to get more down now."

Lee spoke with SDC from the NFLPA Rookie Premiere Weekend in the Los Angeles area, doing various public appearances and charity work with several fellow NFL rookies, including with Jaguars teammates Blake Bortles and Allen Robinson who traveled there together. Lee and Robinson figure to be involved heavily in the offensive immediately, with Lee at the "Z" receiver spot (flanker), Robinson at the "X" (split end) and 2013 draft pick Ace Sanders the primary slot receiver.

They'll have competition, but two of the three could end up in starting trio — along with Cecil Shorts — when the Jaguars open up with the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 1 on the road. Lee also said he has worked so far in a few formations and a few motion packages where he can end up inside, although he's primarily learning the "Z" spot for now.