Miami Marlins owner Jeff Loria has ticked off his players.

The team’s head honcho has been allegedly meddling with the starting lineup, according to Yahoo! Sports. The situation reached a fever pitch Tuesday when he decreed that first-year manager Mike Redmond start Jose Fernandez over Ricky Nolasco for the first game of a double-header against the Minnesota Twins.

Loria’s micro-managing of the lineup irked Nolasco, who was only told about the change 2 ½ hours prior to the start of the first game.

Loria denied tinkering with the lineup in an e-mail to Fox Sports.

Loria’s behavior is nothing new. Former Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen experienced the same edicts, but tended to tune them out, according to the Yahoo! Sports report.

The Miami Marlins are currently the worst team in the majors with a 5-17 record and have amassed just 57 runs — the lowest in the league.


Former Boston Red Sox pitching ace turned bankrupt businessman Curt Schilling now knows that pigs can’t fly.

The Bloomberg View reported Tuesday on Schilling’s failed video game enterprise, 38 Studios, digging up a Harvard Business School report that included an interview with Schilling in 2009.

The report highlighted Schilling’s level of business acumen in his Ralph Kramden-esque pursuit of “getting Bill-Gates-rich.”

According to the Bloomberg View, Schilling had a cache of bizarre ideas for what would have been the company’s inaugural game that presumably led to its demise.