Heath Bell spoke with Marlins beat writers this afternoon about the comments he made about manager Ozzie Guillen.

Here's a partial transcript.

"All I have to say is what was taken yesterday on ESPN was out of proportion. I was not criticizing Ozzie one bit. I'm not retracting anything I said but that report on ESPN News, I'd say 80 percent of it was false.

"I've always had the respect and I've always given Ozzie respect. I've stunk this year plain and simple. That's about it. Everything I say gets twisted so I'm going to stop talking.''

Did you talk to Ozzie to clear the air?

"I called him last night. I told him what I was feeling. I told him sorry for the comments. The article was totally taken out of context. I was not saying anything wrong or bad. That article blew up in my face and it's not even what I said.