When the Marlins lost six of eight in late June/early July, Miami general manager Dan Jennings started getting calls. About you-know-who.

“I think teams thought that by losing a few games we were out of it and we were selling off,” Jennings said. “So sure, I started to get calls and teams presenting scenarios about what it would take, and I said the same thing I’ve been saying, ‘We’re not trading him.’ ”

The Giancarlo Stanton rage will not go away. Not until Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria ponies up one of those Alex Rodriguez/Robinson Cano/Albert Pujols deals for his superstar. Until then, Jennings will be faced with questions.

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It’s no secret what it’s going to take. Loria knows that Stanton is his big draw. He knows what superstars make. So you’re either willing to do a deal or you’re not.

One would presume the usual suspects called Jennings, such as the Phillies, Yankees, Red Sox, Tigers, Dodgers, Angels, Mariners, Orioles, Blue Jays, Rangers, you name it. Jennings didn’t say how many teams made pitches, but it was more than a few.

Jennings won’t go so far as to say this offseason is crucial in getting Stanton signed long term. But it will tell whether Stanton buys into the notion that the Marlins are a team to be taken seriously.

“I think some things have changed for Giancarlo,” Jennings said. “He’s taken a leadership role here. He knows we’re serious about winning and how much we want him to be part of that. He’s seen the team come together and the young talent developing around him.”

He gets to play baseball and live in Miami. What’s so bad about that for a 24-year-old superstar?

But if Stanton has other ideas and the Marlins are forced to deal him, there aren’t too many places he can go. For one, you’d have to be willing to give up your best young players to get him. The Red Sox would have to part with Xander Bogaerts, for instance, along with two or three other prospects. Stanton won’t come cheap. If you have the chips, you also must have the resources to sign him.

That eliminates a lot of teams. It would likely come down to the Red Sox, Yankees, Dodgers, Angels, Phillies, Tigers, Mariners, and Rangers. Other teams could sneak in. The Twins certainly have good young players. As do the Cubs.