After leading the Golden State Warriors 3-1 in the Western Conference Finals, Kevin Durant's Oklahoma City Thunder dropped an epic Game 7 Monday night to bow out of the playoffs for good. Though the Thunder's relentless size, athleticism and skill pushed one of the best teams ever to the brink, Durant learned (once again) the difficulties of navigating the superior Western Conference. Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry shot like basketball gods and the Warriors rose above their opponents in critical moments, reopening a bit of hope for the many suitors who will line up to recruit Durant in free agency this summer.

In all likelihood, Durant will stay with the Thunder, at least for one more season. Still, Isaiah Thomas released a tweet (which he later deleted) showing Boston Celtics fans aren't alone in dreaming of a franchise-altering free-agent signing. The message was simple: Durant's number, 35, followed by a green clover representing the Celtics.