On Tuesday, after receiving doctor’s clearance, Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira swung a bat with both hands for this first time since injuring the tendon sheath in his right wrist in early March. He completed this act inside a pool with the water up to his chest. The setting reduces the stress on his wrist, which still could require season-ending surgery.

Teixeira planned to swing on dry land on Wednesday. He figured to take 40 swings, 20 from each side, before the game with Arizona. He would not make contact with a baseball. These are known as “dry swings.” This is part of what he called a “slow-moving” progression toward game action.

“We’re checking off all the boxes,” Teixeira said. “Every single box. I wish I could have been out there a month ago. But we can’t be too fast with this. Eight to 10 weeks? I still want to be back in eight. But if it has to be a little bit slower, because of soreness or tightness or whatever, we can take a little more time.”

Teixeira did say he’s been heartened by the team’s performance in his absence. The external pressure to return has lessened, he said.

“If we were 2-10 right now,” he said, “I think people would be saying ‘Hey, Tex, when are you back? When are you back? When are you back?’ all of us have stepped up, have done a great job. You look at what the team’s doing right now. I can’t be more proud of how we’ve played. It’s going to allow me to heal. Which is what I need to do.”

Teixeira still plans to fly with the team to Toronto for a road trip beginning Friday. He is unsure if he can take batting practice on the field during the weekend, a goal he initially mentioned last week. But he figures to remain in Tampa after three games there next week.