An NCAA committee will discuss an early signing period for football this summer.

When we’ve polled SEC and ACC coaches over the last few years about one rule change they’d most like to see to improve recruiting, one of the most popular answers has been an early signing period. Almost all coaches are in favor of some form of it.

However, don’t count on Mark Richt for automatically voting “yes” in favor it.

Here’s what UGA’s coach had to say about an early signing period in a recent interview with the AJC:
“I always say ‘Be careful what we ask for’ because I don’t know what that will do to our recruiting calendar. I think there’s some sanity to it right now. I think if everybody plays by the same rules, then it’s good as it is. I’d be afraid to change it. I don’t want to turn the regular season into such a recruiting frenzy that you can’t even coach your team on a weekly basis. I enjoy coaching football, too.

“I think if you moved the signing date up, I think you push more official visits to the football season. Sooner or later, they’ll say ‘We don’t want all these official visits during the season. Why don’t we move them to the summer?’ Then we’ll have official visits in the summer, and no one will get any time away. Not me, not our assistants coaches, not the kids, not the high school coaches, and not the families. Where does it end?