Mark Reynolds’ game is hitting home runs. Teams don’t seek him out for his on-base percentage or to take pitches.

His mission as a hitter is straight-forward: If there are runners on base, find a way to get them across the plate, and if one swing will win the game, hack away at the first hittable pitch.

“Thirty-plus homers, drive in some runs, be in the middle of the lineup and try to change the game with one swing,” said Reynolds, the Indians’ designated hitter. “That’s the way it’s been my entire career. I’m not going to slap the ball and run. I’m going to try and drive the ball.”

Reynolds has succeeded in some seasons better than others. In 2009, he hit 44 home runs, one every 13 at-bats; in 2011, he hit 37 homers, one every 14.4 at-bats. These are ratios befitting the best power hitters in the game.

But in 2008, Reynolds went deep 28 times, once every 19 at-bats, and last year his ratio of one homer every 19.9 at-bats produced 23 home runs.

Then again, his workmanship in 2012 was admittedly not his best.

“I got off to a slow start and things began to snowball,” Reynolds said. “Then I got hurt [strained oblique] — you know, a trendy injury — and missed about three weeks. When I came back from that, I played pretty well. Take out April and May and I had a pretty good year.”