Warriors coach Mark Jackson held his annual pre-camp media session yesterday and as usual had some interesting things to say. Won’t bore you with any more preamble since this is a day late.

(Some questions and answers either edited out or moved around for clarity and space.)

—MARK JACKSON partial gaggle transcript/

-Q: What are your thoughts heading into training camp?

-JACKSON: Great off-season. Outstanding job done by our ownership and our front office upgrading the talent not being satisfied with what took place last year. It’s just been a lot of fun around here.


We didn’t sit on a lead. We made some moves that were aggressive. And we’ve got some players that have accomplished some things in this league.

So we like where we are right now. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

-Q: Stephen Curry said there’s a sign on the locker room that starts with the number “5.” Is that a goal is 50 wins or more than that a goal you’re pointing to?

-JACKSON: When did he say that?

-Q: Last week…

-JACKSON: Yeah I erased it. (Laughs.)

I was wondering who put it up there.

-Q: It wasn’t you?

-JACKSON: It wasn’t me that put it up there no. I saw it then erased it. It’s good material but it’s true.

The reason why is because if you put that up there that’s a target. I don’t want any limits. And anything can happen where that could be a great number or it could be a number where you’re putting a ceiling on us.

So I think let’s roll the dice let’s go out and play let’s compete let’s gain chemistry. And let’s build on what we did last year.

I’m not a guy that would sell to the guys let’s put a number up there and let’s go get it. No let’s be the best that we could possibly be. And I think if we do that like last year end the season with our tank on empty we’ll be extremely satisfied with what takes place.

-Q: Is 50 wins a general goal? Do you want to be that kind of team?

-JACKSON: I’m really not going to put a number on it. I want to be a very good basketball team with a chance to win the whole thing. Let’s stay healthy let’s continue to build and I like the progress that we’ve made since we got here.

Let’s slow down let’s continue to get better and let’s see where the chips fall.

-Q: How big is it that for the second year in a row you have your guys all in here working out for weeks before camp?

-JACKSON: Actually it’s the third year but we weren’t good the first year so it didn’t matter. The coaches wanted to play looking at those guys. (Laughs.)

It’s great. It says a lot about our players their make-up how sold they are how committed they are and when you’re that way—and not just showing up going through the motions they’re showing up working—it says a lot about those guys.

You win in this league with players.

-Q: Has everybody been in here?

-JACKSON: Everybody’s been here yes. The last guy was Jermaine (O’Neal) but it was dialogue. He’s a guy been in this league a long time working his tail off in Vegas he’s a guy with a family and it’s totally understandable.

What you don’t want is a guy just being AWOL and not communicating with one another. It’s really those guys they police themselves. And our leaders really established this.

But he was honest. And when you’re honest and you’re getting your work in… he’s come in in great shape and looking very good.

-Q: When did O’Neal get in?

-JACKSON: I’m not sure of the day. But he’s only been in a couple days. Working hard and looks very good.