Mark Cuban was so ecstatic to be done with his insider-trading trial that even a group of motley sportswriters looked good to him.

“Well let’s not go overboard” he quickly corrected.

OK but at the least he was glad to be wearing sweats and not a suit.

And he was thrilled to be talking basketball which is his favorite topic at this time of the year or maybe any other time for that matter. While his long sit-down with reporters veered from topics such as LeBron James and Jon Daniels to his recently-successfully-completed trial and what he believes will be the fastest backcourt in basketball mostly Cuban was just glad that the Mavericks’ season starts in 11 days.
And he’s much more optimistic about this team the closer the season gets.

“The pieces have to get better and we have to learn to play together well and we have to stay healthy” he said. “If we do anything is possible. I don’t think anybody is looking at this team and going: oh they’re a lot worse than I thought they’d be. That (media) are asking the questions means somebody’s liking what they see.”

In particular Cuban couldn’t gush enough about Monta Ellis who joined Jose Calderon as the marquee off-season acquisitions in a summer that was nonstop in terms of failed and successful transactions.
“We knew he was a good passer” Cuban said. “We didn’t know how good a passer. He’s surprised a lot of people. Everybody talked about his overall numbers but when you look at him with the ball in his hands he makes good things happen. I didn’t realize how good a passer he was. And now with so many weapons around him he’s been really unselfish. He’s been amazing.