Mario Williams emitted a sigh when he stepped to the lectern at One Bills Drive this afternoon and then answered every question asked about an unbecoming feud with his ex-fiancee.

Williams didn't deny he sent texts her lawyer made public Friday, but insisted he never has had suicidal thoughts and takes only medications prescribed by and dispensed by the Buffalo Bills.

"It's blown out of proportion," Williams said. "It's completely out of context."

Erin Marzouki's attorney, Tony Buzbee, released a series of texts allegedly from Williams to Marzouki. In the texts, Williams told her he was taking narcotics without anyone's knowledge and suggested he was having suicidal thoughts.

Williams expressed anger at Marzouki for revealing intimate texts he believed would remain confidential.

"Me texting somebody something, especially in a situation that it was then, I think that's just a way of venting out," Williams said. "But, obviously, that's the wrong person to vent to."

Asked specifically about references to suicide in his texts to Marzouki, Williams replied, "In a moment of anger I'll talk about anything."

Williams was pressed on whether he ever has had suicidal thoughts.

"No," Williams said. "In the heat of battle, in the heat of ups and downs, things like that, you just come to somebody who you think you can just vent to, and whatever comes out, comes out.

"That's how you're comfortable with somebody at the time. You can say anything. ... This is something I wouldn't tell anybody else other than the person you love."

Buzbee told The Buffalo News on Sunday that Marzouki did not save the texts, that the law firm retrieved them from her cell phone forensically to defend his client against allegations made by Williams in a lawsuit over a $785,000 engagement ring.

In the texts, Williams allegedly told Marzouki he had taken three hydrocodone pills with no one's knowledge the morning of the Nov. 11 game against the New England Patriots and that he would take two more on the plane ride back to Buffalo.