Negotiations between second baseman Robinson Cano and the Seattle Mariners rallied to another level Thursday when the ballplayer took a private flight from New York to Seattle to talk personally with the club in the American League, a source told

Could not determine the degree of closeness between the parties for a possible deal, but the source said the Mariners left Cano know who would be willing to pay between $ 230 and $ 240 million for the next 10 seasons.
It has been reported that Cano, who has played with the New York Yankees for his entire career, is seeking a 10-year contract and $ 250 and $ 260 million and the Yankees have not offered more than $ 170 million.

While New York is the winningest team in baseball history, Seattle does not advance to the postseason since 2001 and has never played in the World Series in its 37 year history.