Mike Zunino wasn’t around to witness firsthand how his team’s season was largely derailed early on by its current opponent.

The Mariners dropped four straight to the Cleveland Indians back in May, setting off a prolonged losing skid the team still hasn’t completely recovered from. But Zunino and some other newcomers are trying to help, and his solo home run that was a difference in this 2-1 win Monday night went a ways toward doing just that.

Even without hospitalized manager Eric Wedge, the Mariners won their seventh in a row and have nearly offset what became an eight-game losing streak two months ago. And they did it with homers by Zunino and Kendrys Morales off the funky delivery of Indians starter Ubaldo Jimenez, whose club had gone 88 consecutive innings without yielding a long ball.

“You just sort of have to try to find that window where that release point is coming and focus on that,’’ Zunino said of Jimenez and his odd, pausing delivery. “I tried not to get caught up in everything else.’’

The Mariners, as a team, tried not to get caught up in too much superfluous stuff on a day they saw manager Wedge helped from the field after suffering dizzy spells during batting practice. Wedge was held overnight at a hospital for a battery of tests, but the team was hopeful he’d be released Tuesday morning.

Zunino said the team was obviously concerned heading into the game. But they got a strong seven-inning outing by Aaron Harang, then held on in the ninth in front of 18,000 at Safeco Field.

“Some guys knew what happened and saw what happened and some guys had no clue,’’ Zunino said of Wedge. “I heard some guys talking about it. I didn’t get to see anything. But we got some reassurance afterward saying that everything was good and it was just sort of precautionary and that everything was fine. But it was one of those where, obviously, everybody wants to get going and show we could still play and do one for him.’’