The Seattle Mariners didn't get Josh Hamilton. They didn't get Nick Swisher, they haven't seemed to pursue Michael Bourn, they haven't gotten far with Andre Ethier, and they were turned down by Justin Upton. They didn't get Mike Napoli. The Mariners were left with money and something of a need, but no obvious fits. Given such a circumstance, the Mariners had three options:

(1) Sit tight for now and wait for better opportunities in the future

(2) Search harder for a non-obvious fit

(3) Do something dumb

The Mariners, ultimately, opted for #3, as today they traded John Jaso for Michael Morse straight up, basically. Morse is coming from the Nationals, and Jaso is going to the A's, because as if this needed to be any worse, now Jaso's going to a rival instead of the National League. I don't even know where Jaso fits on that roster right now, which hardly helps. He definitely fit on this roster. You know what the Mariners need now? A catcher of some sort. Kind of like John Jaso.