The injuries keep coming for the Yankees, but at least they have some things going for them — CC Sabathia, Robinson Cano, the inept Twins and Mariano Rivera to close the deal.

On the day Manny Ramirez landed with yet another ballclub, signing a minor league deal with the Rangers, Rivera continued his dignified departure along his MLB Victory Tour, closing out Sabathia’s 200th win last night, a 3-2 Yankees’ victory over the Twins at Target Field.

This is Rivera’s last Yankees team. This team is nothing like those Dynasty Yankees, but this team is special to Rivera in many ways because it has battled through so much.

“We don’t have the team that we usually have,’’ Rivera told the Post, “But what we have is what we have and this is my team. I think they’re great. These guys are giving us everything that they have. I can’t ask for more. These guys play hard, you can’t ask for more.

“You just want to appreciate the game, appreciate the players that you are playing with and knowing they are giving everything.’’

All that speaks volumes about Mariano Rivera.

“He’s unbelievable,’’ Sabathia said, “and to still be able to pitch a such a high-level. Usually when you get to these last-round guys, they are not performing like he is, but he’s throwing harder than ever.’’

On Tuesday, Rivera was given a rocking chair crafted from broken bats belonging to Minnesota hitters, bats broken by Rivera, according to Twins manager Ron Gardenhire.

“That’s the best one yet,’’ Rivera said of the gifts that have come his way. “There was a lot of thought put into this gift.’’