Thanks to a video that emerged on Wednesday Philadelphia wide receiver Riley Cooper is probably going to be a little uncomfortable the next time he's in the Eagles locker room. In the video Cooper is caught on camera using a racial slur while attending a recent Kenny Chesney concert.

Cooper may also be uncomfortable the next time he's on a football field because there's a $1000 bounty on him. Marcus Vick -- the brother of possible Eagles starting quarterback Michael Vick -- tweeted on Wednesday that he'll give $1000 to anyone who takes Cooper out.

This isn't the first time that Marcus Vick has taken to Twitter to express his opinion on something -- he also compared the George Zimmerman trial to Michael Vick's legal woes asked the Eagles to trade his brother and made fun of the Arizona Cardinals -- but this is the first time he's offered a bounty on someone.

What Cooper said was deplorable but lets all remember two wrongs don't make a right.