The adage is that teams should always pick the best player available in the NBA Draft. In practice, it doesn't happen. Teams have needs, and it's natural to want to fill them. The draft is a great place to do so. Given that not all positions are created equally in the NBA -- it's better to have an elite center or point guard than an equally talented wing or forward -- the need issue crops up even more frequently with giants and PGs.

So when odd things happen to the supply of prospects in one of those positions, you create a domino effect down the draft that mucks everything up.

We could be facing such an issue with point guards in 2014. Dante Exum will go in the top five, as has long been expected. But what of Marcus Smart, who could have been No. 2 a year ago and instead isn't actually a lottery certainty in 2014? And what of Elfrid Payton, the draft's most scorching riser after workouts and deeper evaluation?

It appears now Smart could be picked shortly after Exum, per Adrian Wojnarowski.