Shaun Marcum’s 3 1/2 -week hiatus from the Mets hasn’t dampened his expectations much.

The veteran right-hander arrived at spring training aiming to make all of his scheduled starts and pitch 200 innings in 2013. He is scheduled to make his Mets debut on Saturday, after a stiff neck incurred toward the end of camp put him on the disabled list, with his goals only slightly modified.

“Obviously that goal is not going to happen as far as making all my starts,” Marcum said before the Mets beat the Dodgers 7-3 in 10 innings Wednesday night at Citi Field. “But with the snow-outs and stuff I still can come close to 30 starts, so hopefully I can come close to 200 innings and do what I can to go deep into those games.”

Marcum will be on a 90-95 pitch count against the Phillies on Saturday. He made two extended spring-training appearances in Port St. Lucie, but said it was hard to gauge his success.

“It’s difficult to say, because those guys swing at everything,” Marcum said. “If the Phillies do that and I’m locating, I’ll be OK.”