The Giants picked up Marco Scutaro on July 27 in a trade so ho-hummish that his new teammates dubbed him Blockbuster. Ballplayers love irony.
Scutaro was not baseball's best late-season pickup in 2012. He was the best late-season pick-up of any baseball season. Granted, I have not done much research on this (like zero), but come on, this might have been the greatest late-season pickup in any sport.
Why Brian Sabean didn't get any love from the Nobel Prize judges, I have no idea. East Coast bias?
Scutaro, after hitting .271 for the Rockies, slightly under his career mark, hit .362 for the Giants in the regular season, then went 14-for-28 in the National League Championship Series against the Cardinals, then he drove in the World Series-winning run with a 10th-inning single in Detroit.
That's ridiculous, and Scutaro is so impressed with himself that he plans to watch the postseason highlights, maybe sometime later this season.
"I have a CD somewhere in there," Scutaro said Wednesday morning, motioning to his equipment bag, shortly after returning to the Giants' clubhouse, having spent the middle part of the spring playing for Venezuela in the World Baseball Classic. "I'll probably save it for later on, later in the season, when we're struggling or something. You probably spend more time struggling during the season than doing good."

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