It took another scary moment, another puck to the face, to refuel the NHL debate on mandating helmet visors.

New York Rangers defenseman Marc Staal was hit near the right eye by a deflected shot in a game Tuesday against the Philadelphia Flyers. The Rangers, in a statement released Wednesday afternoon, said Staal would be sidelined indefinitely but noted doctors were optimistic he would make a full recovery.

Staal doesn’t wear a visor. Neither do his two brothers on the Carolina Hurricanes roster, centers Eric and Jordan Staal. They aren’t required in the NHL.

“But when something like this happens to someone close to you, or anyone really, it makes you think about it,” Eric Staal said Wednesday.

Many believe visors should be a required safety measure in the NHL. Among them is Hurricanes coach Kirk Muller, who didn’t use a visor in his playing days in the 1980s and ’90s, when such things were generally frowned upon in the rough-and-tumble sport.

“It’s different today,” Muller said. “We were never brought up with it or thought of wearing them. The thing about today is the pace of the game is so fast ...