Ryan Lambert, @twolinepass on twitter, is famous across the hockey interwebs for being the primo troll of the land. At no time is this more evident than any international competition, where the American Lambert gets Canadians in a tizzy far too easily.

Aside from being excellent at making Canada angry, Lambert is a pretty solid writer. He's a contributor to Puck Daddy, Backhand Shelf, and other high quality sites. Backhand Shelf is where his most recent article was written, where Lambert asserts "The Habs got their guy but did so in the stupidest way possible".

I think there are arguments to be made that the Subban contract was handled poorly, hell, I made them a few times over the last few weeks, but Lambert's article fails here. Let's go through it and see though.

Last night P.K. Subban signed a new contract with Montreal that will pay him $2 million pro-rated this season and $3.75 million next season. Two years, $2.875 against the cap.