It's not as if Henrik and Daniel Sedin haven't done this before, but their Sunday night performance of 'enter stage left' midway through Game Three was a particularly dramatic illustration.

For the first 30 minutes of the game they look like the Sedins of the year 2000, slow, perhaps a little intimidated or at least overwhelmed by the surroundings and unmitakeably ineffective offensively.

A minute later they've scored two goals faster than you can say Nick Leddy and the score sheet demands they be called world beaters.

Such is their remarkable talent, their patience and dedication to the job on nights when something is missing be it legs, breaks or in this case a bit of both with a flurry of penalties against the Canucks thrown in just to keep them of the ice and making sure they continue to play that way.

On this night, they had a good verbal defence for their start, Henrik Sedin the lead counsel.

"That's kind of the way it goes with us sometimes, especially in games like this," said Henrik. "When you're playing against great players like we were you've got to start and make sure you're not giving them too much. You've got to be careful. And then there were penalties. It goes like that sometimes. But we don't give up, we know at some point we're going to get our chances."