Nazim Kadri is making a name for himself — even though half the hockey world seems to be mispronouncing it.

The Maple Leafs’ leading scorer has heard it about 30 times this year for goals, assists, penalties and even some three star selections, but rarely does it come out sounding the same way twice. Announcers with southern U.S. teams such as Washington and Florida have had the hardest time hitting the syllables Kadri would prefer, but he’s heard the odd twist to it at the ACC, too.

“It’s Na-zim Ka-dree, not Na-Zeem Kaaww-dree,” the young centre said Tuesday during some playful banter on the subject. “My last name’s actually pretty easy. I don’t know how people mess that up. But I’ve heard ‘Kaw-der-ee’ and other things like it that I can’t remember off the top of my head. So when things are going bad for me, I don’t even think about it.

“There are a couple of barns here and there (mangling his mention around the NHL) that surprise you a bit. I’m like ‘What did they say?’ But it kind of happened more when I was younger. Hopefully, with the (Toronto media’s) help, everyone will get it perfectly. Hopefully it’s something that’s going to get fixed. It’s starting to sound pretty good.”