On the eve of the NFL draft, Johnny Manziel said he has no idea which team will pick him but that any quarterback-needy team that passes on him will regret it.

"I believe they will, personally," he said Wednesday at a league-sponsored function in Lower Manhattan. "I know in my heart how good I want to be and how committed I am to this game."

The former Texas A&M star, projected as a possible top-10 pick, is confident he has alleviated concerns about his off-the-field habits. Clearly, though, he's still bothered by the perception that he's a schoolyard quarterback.

"I see there's room for me to improve, but to say I'm just a backyard-football quarterback, I don't think you do what I did in college and do some of those things [with that style]," he told about 40 reporters. "I don't think that's extremely fair. I hear it, but for me, I know it's all about my work ethic and my will to get better. That's very alive and inside me."

No player in the draft has been scrutinized more than Manziel, arguably the most polarizing prospect in this year's class. In a 20-minute interview, the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner mentioned several times that he just wants to play football again, wherever it might be.

"I don't want to be what I was in college," he said. "Obviously, I want to be better."

Manziel has been hounded by questions regarding his celebrity status, about whether he cares more about the limelight than football. He believes he's done "a great job" throughout the scouting process of erasing those concerns.