Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano first broke into the college coaching ranks as a secondary coach at Penn State and has always considered that end of the field to be his area of expertise.

That's why it pained him to have the worst pass defense in the league last year and pained him even more to watch the breakdowns all over again while evaluating the Bucs 2012 season.

Schiano was eventually glad to have suffered through the pain, though, because his research revealed that there was a lot more to the Bucs porous pass defense than an inexperienced and leaky secondary.

"It was a combination of personnel, scheme, coaching, luck - it all came into play,'' Schiano said of a unit that allowed quarterbacks to complete 65.4-percent of their passes and throw for 297.4 yards per game in 2012.

"And as a coaching staff what you have to do is keep tweaking it in each area until it all starts to jell. It did start to jell in some areas (near the end of last year), but in other areas it didn't.''