Headed into his 13th big-league season, Jimmy Rollins is arguably the best leadoff man in Phillies’ history. Sure, Richie Ashburn won a batting crown and got into the Hall of Fame, but there are very few players who have produced numbers like Rollins has over the past two decades.

Still, when the season starts on April 1 in Atlanta, Manuel might have a new leadoff hitter.

Then again, he might not.

“I think that it will be pretty close. I think the chances of an everyday leadoff guy is too soon to tell,” Manuel said. “We haven’t gotten started yet. We’ll just wait and see.”

In the No. 2 spot in the batting order for Friday night’s exhibition game at Citizens Bank Park against the Blue Jays, Rollins could have to get comfortable with that spot. With Ben Revere on the roster, Manuel might have someone better at the top of the batting order.

Does Revere have what it takes to be the new guy at the top of the order?

“I think he does,” Manuel said. “In spring training, I was a little surprised that I saw a good offensive player. He’s a guy who makes contact, can move the ball all over the field, he can bunt, he is aggressive an aggressive player. I was a little bit surprised about it.”