As Manu Ginobili poured in 24 points and 10 assists in the Spurs’ victory over the Heat in Game 5 of the NBA Finals last June, everyone in the building — and observers across the multiple continents where he established his basketball legacy — wondered whether they were witnessing Ginobili’s final rodeo in San Antonio.

Ginobili had broached the topic of retirement himself during his struggles in the Finals. Outside of his throwback performance in Game 5 and an 18-point showing in a Game 7 loss, he had a terrible series, scoring in single digits in four games and committing eight turnovers in Game 6.

But standing on the court inside the Spurs’ practice facility earlier this week, Ginobili said regardless of how the Finals had turned out, he never really was planning on going out on such a low note.

“No, not really,” Ginobili told The Post. “I said [I may retire] in a moment where I was struggling. I was struggling mentally, and it was hard for me to be on the right mindset. That’s why maybe I said it, in a tough moment, and I was at the low point and I said it.