Detroit Lions draft prospect Manti Te'o entered the pre-draft process with a lot of questions from NFL teams.

It appears Te'o has answered them all.

The NFL draft is less than one week away, and former Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o has the attention of Detroit Lions general manager Martin Mayhew. Detroit's general manager attended Te'o's pro day workout, plus hosted the linebacker on a pre-draft visit with Detroit. After several interactions with Te'o this offseason, Mayhew has a new respect for the linebacker.

"It was great," Mayhew said. "Very smart guy. Very smart football player. Very personable. Great personality. That was actually one of the schools I went to. When I was there, you couldn't find anybody to say anything negative about him.

"Just a great leader in their program and a great football player for them over the years. They have so much respect for him, and I do too after meeting with him. He's just a great young man."

Te'o is viewed as one of the best linebackers in this draft, but is better known for having a fake girlfriend and continuing the lie after discovering it was a hoax. Many NFL observers questioned if Te'o could be trusted, but Mayhew was satisfied with what he learned about the football player during their meeting.

"He was very frank about it and very direct," Mayhew said. "I was obviously very direct with him, and he said he made a mistake, and that's what happened. I certainly came away from it feeling great about him as a person, as a player. "

Te'o did not play well in the national championship game against Alabama, but left Notre Dame with an impressive body of work.