Peyton Manning's single-season yardage record might be getting a second glance.

The Broncos quarterback was pulled from Sunday's rout of Oakland at halftime, immediately after he broke Drew Brees' record for the most passing yards in a single season — by exactly 1 yard.

Now, though, Manning's 5,477 yards are being called into question.

Every Monday, the NFL reviews plays and at times adjusts yardage to

reflect the tweaks it has made in rulings, and one of Manning's passes might turn out to be naught.

With just more than a minute left in the first quarter, Manning completed what was ruled at the time to be a 7-yard pass to Eric Decker.

Upon reflection, though, the pass appears from certain camera angles like a lateral. It wouldn't count toward the record if the NFL were to rule it as such. Manning would finish the year with 5,470 yards, 6 short of Brees' mark, and certainly disappointed.

After all, he threw for 266 yards in the first half of the game, and if he'd fallen short of the record, he'd certainly have had a crack at it after halftime.