They met a couple years ago, brought together by the ultimate prize in college football. They share a style of play on the field as well, quarterbacks whose legs enhance their game.

But the last thing quarterback Robert Griffin III wants to do is compare himself to Cleveland rookie Johnny Manziel or any other quarterback. However, he understands the comparisons – and knows it will remain a big topic leading into their preseason game Monday night.

“Anybody that wants to compare, I’m sure they’ll just look at us and say both of us are real fast guys that can play backyard football at times,” Griffin said. “We both want to win, and I think every quarterback in the league wants to win football games.”

Griffin also didn’t want to discuss the differences between his game and Manziel's. After all, one is now entering his third season; the other has played one preseason game.

“I’ve played in the NFL. He hasn’t. He went to [Texas] A&M, I went to Baylor. Other than that, we’re all just trying to do our jobs,” Griffin said.