The Indians have speed this year, but how are they going to disperse it throughout the lineup?

In Friday's Cactus League opener, Michael Bourn, who stole 42 bases last year for Atlanta, batted leadoff. Drew Stubbs, who stole 30 for Cincinnati, batted ninth. Jason Kipnis, who stole 31, batted third. Michael Brantley, who stole 14, batted fifth.

Manager Terry Francona said he wasn't sure how he was going to use that speed when it came to making out the lineup, but Friday wasn't a bad start.

"It's not a problem," said Francona. "It's a good thing."

Francona manages speed by the percentage.

"That's more important than just stealing 60 bases," he said. "It's how many times you're safe. It's not just base stealing, it's base running. We want to push, we want to make teams stop us on the bases. It's something we've talked about consistently this spring."