There's no sense talking at length about the game between the Sixers and Magic. It was another candidate for Worst Game of the Year and the Sixers did the same stuff they always do while looking much less preoccupied with their jobs in this one. Absolutely no one played well, even Doug Collins' new fave Damien Wilkins, who matched Jeremy Pargo with a team-leading 14 points.

To talk about this game is to waste precious moments of your life that's way too short to spend on bad basketball games.

But here we are, and there actually happen to be a ton of interesting ("painful" is another word) storylines from this particularly awful game of basketball. As has been the case the last week or so, we'll focus on Doug Collins.

After wearing an especially bemused look on his face while the Sixers committed mistake after mistake on their way to a 98-84 home loss to the road-anemic Orlando Magic, Doug spent ten minutes with the media in a post-game press conference that is a must-watch.