Rays manager Joe Maddon backtracked Tuesday on his comments concerning the gesture Yunel Escobar made while crossing home plate Monday after his ninth-inning home run against the Blue Jays and defended Escobar's action.

Maddon said after Monday's game that he would talk to Escobar, adding, "I'm certain you're not going to see that again."

Apparently, you will.

Escobar occasionally makes the safe sign when he steps on the plate, which he did Monday after the former Blue Jay had been booed all afternoon by the Rogers Centre crowd.

"He does do that, as I found out, quite often after home runs," Maddon said. "Some people point to the sky, he shows a safe sign. It's one of those things people are going to interpret according to their own prejudices or thoughts or judgmental opinions. For me, I love the way he is. I want him to remain the way he is. He did nothing wrong."

Escobar became upset and grew animated Tuesday when asked if he had talked to Maddon. He said he talks to Maddon every day. He said he did not mean any disrespect to the fans or the Jays.

Maddon questioned why Toronto fans boo former Blue Jays.

"I don't quite understand that sometimes," Maddon said. "I thought Yunel did a great job (Monday) in the game. I loved his home run, and I'm never going to subtract from his celebratory manner."

Maddon has said he likes what he calls the "chrome" in Escobar's game. He said that is what makes Escobar the player that he is.

"He did nothing wrong," Maddon said. "People that want to say that he did, that's a fabrication on somebody's part based on your own personal judgments, period."