About forty-five minutes before Thursday night’s game, Orioles manager Buck Showalter said that the team hadn’t heard anything about Manny Machado’s exam in Los Angeles with his surgeon, Dr. Neal ElAttrache.

Machado left Sarasota early on Thursday and was scheduled to fly back overnight.

Meanwhile Dr. ElAttrache told ESPN.com: “He looks better every time I see him," ElAttrache said. "His kneecap is tracking normally, his muscle girth is almost the same as his opposite leg and his level of function exceeds where we thought he'd be at this point."

On Wednesday, Showalter emphasized that the call on Machado’s return was the Orioles’ to make.

“If you’re expecting a yea or nay from this doctor tomorrow on Manny, it’s probably not going to happen as far a decision because that decision has already been given to us. It’s pretty much in our hands,” Showalter said after Wednesday’s game.