A little late-January thawing can’t help but make for a better Super Bowl.

And we’re not taking about the weather.

In his final NFL-required interview session of the week Thursday, Seahawks tailback Marshawn Lynch seemed a little more comfortable. Fullback Michael Robinson sat to Lynch’s left throughout the interview, which may have helped.

In the interview, which aired on NFL Network, Lynch smiled and laughed a few times, and he seemed particularly delighted when Robinson was asked a question.

One of the more interesting moments came when Lynch was asked what stood out about Denver’s defense on tape.

“What’s his name? Pot Roast?” Lynch said, referring to 335-pound defensive tackle Terrance Knighton.

“Pot Roast, big boy,” Robinson said.

“They get to the ball. They rally to the ball,” Lynch said of the Broncos. “They’re a good defense. That’s what I see.”

Lynch was also asked to talk about his stiff-arm, one of the NFL’s most wicked.

“I mean, everything I do on the field is instinct, a reaction,” Lynch said.

The session’s most quotable moment — wrongly or rightly — came when Lynch shared his initial impressions of Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable.