Jeffrey Lurie has a new favorite NFL football team. Scratch that. He has a new favorite “AFC” football team. You can probably guess which one.

It’s the one coached by the guy Lurie hired 15 years ago to rescue his own franchise, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Lurie was then, and remains now, very fond of Andy Reid, who has Kansas City atop the NFL at 8-0 just a few months after he was fired by Lurie following a 4-12 season that ended Reid’s 14-year tenure in Philadelphia.

“I love it,” Lurie said. “Listen, everyone knows I love Andy. Outstanding football coach. I have an AFC team I now root heavily for every week. It’s Kansas City. I don’t deny it.

“He’s a terrific person, a terrific coach. I think it was time for him to need a new environment. It was time for us, we needed a new environment. But never did I think he wasn’t a really good football coach.”

If you’re wondering if Lurie is irked just slightly that the guy he fired is challenging for the top seed in the AFC and hunting down another Super Bowl run, it doesn’t.

He’s seen the video of a smiling, dancing Reid waltzing into the Chiefs locker room following a 17-16 win over the Texans last Sunday that lifted Kansas City to its second 8-0 start in team history. The image pleases his former boss.