Brian Burke faces an enormous decision between now and the June draft: Is he willing to cast aside his personal, professional and philosophical convictions in favour of taking a run at the suddenly available Roberto Luongo?

That is the real question for the chief decision-maker of the Maple Leafs as the summer of change gets closer.

It became more of a question Tuesday when Luongo basically announced he is willing to waive his no-movement clause and understands it's in the best interest of the Vancouver Canucks to probably trade him elsewhere for next season.

This is the problem with Burke's high and mighty ways. He has not been shy in stating he believes many of the long-term contracts in the National Hockey League circumvent the current salary cap structure and he has been adamant in the past that he wouldn't make the kind of offer the New York Rangers made to Brad Richards, which is not in violation of league rules, only in violation of Burke's personal set of determinations.